Asrar Bio

It would bring to your mind only one name, and that is Asrar. In his childhood while playing and walking in the valleys, seeing the sky, the little child used to write some lines and compose some tunes upon those. And he kept on asking himself that why every tune is different from other?

Asrar was born on April 20, 1985 in Kashmir, Pakistan, later in 1992 his family moved to Hyderabad, Sindh, and then to Lahore in 2007. From an early age, he was inspired by Sufi music and started writing his own songs.

Asrar received training from Ustad Sultan Ahmed Khan in Hyderabad then in 2007 he moved to Lahore where he participated and stood first in Pakistan Musical Conference. In 2011 he released his debut single “Nai Saiyyo”. He joined the television program Coke Studio in 2014 and released his song “Sub Aakho Ali Ali” during the show. He made his Bollywood debut in July 2015 with a song Afghan Jalebi for the film Phantom. Asrar has also started his own music production company named Soul Speaks and now working as Raagbaaz.

If you blend a rustic voice with some Sufi/Tasawwuf thought, a Sufi posture with a Sufi trademark, some catchy melodies upon Sufi chants that assimilate through your ears to your soul.

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